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Professional Student Exchange Programs

Montana WICHE, WWAMI, Minnesota Dental, and WIMU Regional Veterinary Professional Student Exchange Programs

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MUS Scholarships and Waivers

MUS Honor Scholarship, STEM/Healthcare, National Guard Tuition Waiver, Gianforte Trade and Technology, 2 Plus 2 Honor Scholarship and MORE!
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Physician and Nursing Loan Repayment Programs

Montana Rural Physician Incentive Program (MRPIP) and Montana Institutional Nursing Incentive Program (MINIP)




AY 2023/2024 Application Cycle Deadline:
September 1, 2023 (Veterinary Medicine) and October 15, 2023 (All Other Fields)                             Alternate certification is available after these dates

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

Through the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP), students pursuing careers in 10 health fields – ranging from optometry to dentistry to veterinary medicine – may enroll in participating programs across state lines and receive substantial tuition support from their home state or territory.

WWAMI Medical Education Program

Providing students residing in the Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho access to high-quality, cost-effective medical education by decentralizing the educational process and sharing existing facilities and personnel in universities and communities in the WWAMI states. 

WIMU Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine

This Program serves students with interests in all facets of the veterinary profession, attending Montana State University (MSU), the University of Idaho (UI) and Utah State University (USU) as partners with Washington State University (WSU) in its Regional Program in Veterinary Medical Education.

Minnesota Dental Program

This Program is a cooperative agreement between the State of Montana and the University of Minnesota, which provides a limited number of openings in the Minnesota School of Dentistry for residents of Montana.  



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MUS Honor Scholarship (MUSHS)

Open to eligible graduating high school seniors, this award is a 4-year renewable scholarship which waives tuition when used at an eligible campus. Its’ average value at a 4-year campus is approximately $20,000. Applications open December 1st and are due March 15th annually the year a student graduates from high school. 

Montana’s STEM and Healthcare Scholarship (STEM)

Open to graduating high school seniors, these awards are designed to provide an incentive for Montana high school students to prepare for, enter into, and complete degrees in postsecondary fields related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics and healthcare. The award is $6,000 over 4 years at an eligible campus. Applications open December 1st and are due March 15th annually the year a student graduates from high school.

Montana National Guard Tuition Waiver (NGTW)

These tuition waivers are available to MT National Guard members at any MUS campus (Community Colleges are also encouraged to offer these awards). The waivers are applied as last dollar awards up to the total cost of tuition. Students must apply for this waiver no later than the third week of the first semester for which they are requesting the waiver (retroactive awards are not made for previous semesters).

Gianforte Trade and Technology Scholarships

These scholarships are available to students in 2-year Trade or Technology programs at qualifying campuses. Recipients will receive $1,500 for up to 4 full-time semesters or $750 for up to 8 part-time semesters. (these amount increases are effective beginning the Spring 2023 semester) The Fall semester deadline is September 15th. Deadline for Spring semester is February 15th. Gianforte Fact Sheet

2 Plus 2 Honor  Scholarship

These tuition waivers are awarded annually to students who graduate with an associate degree from a Montana University System (MUS) 2-year campus or Community College. Selected students are awarded a tuition waiver at any 4-year unit of the MUS and may be received up to a total of four continuous (fall/spring) semesters. Applications are due by June 30th annually for the previous Summer, Fall and Spring graduates.




Montana Rural Physician incentive Program (MRPIP)

This Program encourages physicians to provide service to rural and medically underserved areas and population in Montana, by providing up to $150,000 in education loan repayment. Applications open May 1, 2023 and are due August 1, 2023 

Montana Institutional Nursing incentive Program (MINIP)

This loan reimbursement program is for individuals currently employed as a full-time registered professional nurse by either the Montana State Prison or the Montana State Hospital. Applications open March 1, 2023 and are due May 15, 2023