MUS Honor Scholarship

High School seniors graduating June 2021
High school must be accredited by the MT Board of Public Ed

The MUS Student Financial Services administers the MUS Honor Scholarship. The MUS Honor Scholarship is a 4-year renewable scholarship, that waives the recipient’s tuition when used at an eligible campus. The value varies depending upon which campus the student attends (the average value at a 4-year Montana campus is $5,000 a year or $20,000 for four years).

The MUS Student Financial Services office offers up to 200 scholarships annually (contingent upon continued funding of the program). For more information on the scholarship, visit

Montana's STEM Scholarship

High School seniors graduating June 2021
High school must be accredited by the MT Board of Public Ed

Montana’s STEM Scholarship is a 4-year renewable scholarship. Students who are awarded a scholarship and continue to meet the requirements may receive; $1,000 the first year, $1,500 the second year, $1,500 the third year and $2,000 the fourth year. For more information on the scholarship and eligibility requirements, visit

Scholarship Award Process

  • Application packets must be POSTMARKED by March 15th
  • Our office will send award notifications in early- to mid-April
  • Once awards are announced High School Counselors/Designees will be notified, in addition, ALL recipients of these scholarships will be notified by mail.
  • If awarded, each recipient must accept or decline the offered scholarship, please be sure to return the information promptly.

PLEASE NOTE: Eligible students can apply for and receive BOTH an MUSHS and STEM Scholarship, if you qualify please be sure to mark both boxes in the application.

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Applications are now being accepted for the MUS Honor Scholarship through March 15, 2021. Sign up or log in and apply now!
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